About Us

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

The above quote describes 100 year journey that Brand Duckback has made from its humble origins of a Swadeshi alternative in the backdrop of pre-independence economic exploitation of our countryman. In essence duckback is the saga of a simple Indian company from Bengal that is navigating through the trials and tribulations of a volatile business ecosystem where many competitors came and left. Our biggest asset is the trust that we have earned in the hearts of our customers whom we do not view as a market, rather as our fellow countrymen whom we need to serve. We are thus driven with a zeal to top-notch quality products available in domestic sector.

Duckback has been deeply intertwined with the lives of our countrymen. A newborn baby is welcomed in homes with our baby-mat viz. mother’s lap and QT. As children grow we have a range of schoolbags, footwear and rain suits throughout the education journey. We have an exclusive range of luggage, air-pillow etc for meeting the travel requirements of the entire family. For different hazardous professions like mines, defense, industrial plants etc. there is a range of safety protection gear. In the unlikely event of falling ill there are a number of products like hospital sheets, PSP waterbed, icebags etc, that aid faster recovery. Our endeavor has always been to produce quality products that touch every aspect of life.

To propel Duckback into the next league, a massive expansion plan has been set into motion. A new production facility in Barasat (Kolkata) has been commissioned and the existing facility in Ranchi is being expanded. State of art technology will be used to produce a new range of industrial safety shoes, casual shoes, chappals, sandals etc. On a popular demand our much loved Mocasuno boots will be reintroduced. The blueprint for future includes several new and innovative products that will catch the market by total surprise.

Despite the upheavals due to pandemic, we have met the commitments made to all our stakeholders be it our raw material suppliers or the distributors and dealers of our finished products. In the difficult times we have emerged as a responsible and resilient company that is good to partner with.

AS the Chairman it is a privilege to launch this brochure that show our latest range of product offering that have stamp of approval of millions of users. These products are supplied through a network of 20 exclusive distributors, 15,00 dealers and over 30 exclusive retails shop several of these associations have thrived across generations. I take this opportunity to personally invite you to join the Duckback family and be part of a beautiful journey into the future. 

Welcome To Duckback

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